10 September 2014

Hello there Guilder,
After a long road of fun times, growing, meeting new people and making new friends - Mineguild has come to the end of its road. Today we say good bye to the community, and the world we have created.

When we started this server with friends just under 3 years ago - times were different, I (Artemu) was a student at the time in University - with free time, a passion for playing computer games and experimenting with ideas and technology! However, times change and so do people; unfortunately Mineguild end has come too. My dedication to my work life in the public sector of South Africa, personal life and day to day activities leave me with little to no time, or more so the ability to give the time I need to give to keep this community like it should be.

It was therefore a very sad time, when I sat down with the others and informed them of the impending actions. I would just like to thank you all for your dedicated commitment and support to this community - we had great times, a lot of fun and hope you all did too.

Once again thank you!
If you looking for an alternative server - I recommend checking out Minecraft Server List

The Mineguild Team