Hello there, 

It has been some time since Mineguild existed, and quite a lot has changed in the last 8 years since the server ran. As such, I have been thinking about reigniting the flames - and get the server going. 

Thing is, this time I want to use a different model. Largely, I am no longer a student and can support the running costs. I am looking to run the server on a rewards model, rather than a payed model. But to me, the technical aspects are what interest me most - and not the building, as I am not very creative. In addition, we have some amazing people still in the community who are far better at these things than I am. 

From my side, I am posting this open letter to see who is around and remembers the old days? :) If you’re keen to ignite an old story again, and want to be part of the team that run the server. Let me know. 

Pop me an email on restart@mineguild.com if you are interested or login to the new server we're running @ mineguild.com, I still can remember many of your screen names, so please do include that in your email. 

Hope to see you all soon, ~ Art